Hannah Regenberg / Hannah Regenberg

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オフセット印刷1c / 21x27,1 cm / 112 p. / 2016年 / 300部 / ISBN 978-3-945111-23-9

Released on the occasion of the solo exhibition "Internale" at K' - Zentrum Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen from 29/11/2015 until 23/1/2016.

"In view of large segments of current artistic production scarcely being able to do without the use of digital techniques and inter-media arrangements, the working modes Hannah Regenberg employs in her art may seem almost old-fashioned. Letter-shaped forms drawn from advertising visuals are brought together in large-scale prints in a multi-staged process of re-working and abstraction in which the trace of their former appearance, their letter-likeness, is almost completely erased. Thus they gain a new, non-objective clarity, which could not be conceived without the abstraction from the artistic source material - the letters of the alphabet as a graphic representation of language." (text Magnus Klaue)

Catalogue with 61 black and white figures in offset print, designed by ARC
with a text by Magnus Klaue (german/ english)
Paperback, 21x27,1 cm, 112 pages, edition of 300
Released 02/2016
ISBN 978-3-945111-23-9