Porträt / Christoph Ruckhäberle

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Lubok Verlagを主宰するペインター、クリストフ・ルックエバーレ 個展「ポートレイト」(クリスチャン・エーレントラウト・ギャラリー / ベルリン / 2009)に併せて刊行された、同タイトルのアーティストブック。

リノカット版画 / カラー / オフセット印刷 / 4c / 96p. / 24x32cm / 2009年 / 1000部

The linocut book „Porträt“ was released on the occassion of the solo exhibition „Portraits“ at the Berlin-based Gallery Christian Ehrentraut from 10/1 until 21/2/2009.
Besides the images of the artworks shown at the exhibition „Porträt“ contents 88 original linocuts which were cut after silhouettes by Ruckhäberle. These original linocuts are used as frame works and additional material to the offset-printed images of the paintings. „Porträt“ is therefore not simply an exhibition catalogue but an artists‘ book which joyfully reflects the hierachy of „high art“ and original prints: it is because of the original graphics that this book is a valuable piece of art, although it contains images of much more valuable artworks. But those original prints are neither just frame works nor just decorative, so additive elements of the book. Ruckhäberle does a lot of original prints beside of his renowned oversized, colourful paintings. The linocuts used in „Porträt“ are very colourful and of a highly shining intensity. The mixture of offset-printed reproductions of his paintings and the abstract, very graphic forms of the linocuts give a dense view into Ruckhäberles‘ repertoire.
This artists‘ book can also be described (from the art historian point of view) as an in-between of the development Ruckhäberle has gone through. In the recent period of his work he paints more abstract, nearly constructivistic, combining it with his great interest in figurative painting. As in the book „Porträt“ abstract and graphic forms and the figurative human portraits are still separated by pages and print Ruckhäberle has it now all mixed up on canvas.

Artist book with 40 two-coloured original linocuts by Christoph Ruckhäberle, 8 figures in four-colour offset print and 32 figures in mixed technique
with the introductory poem "Kabuki" by Mary Kathryn Jablonski
Paperback, 96 pages, 24x32 cm, edition of 1000
Released 01/2009
ISBN 978-3-941601-00-0